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Here you will find our most popular programs.  Click each one to learn more.

Junior Police Academy

Junior Police Academy The 2023 Junior Police Academy will be held on Saturday, September 23rd from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., for children ages 8-12 years...

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Children’s Bicycle Rodeo

Children’s Bicycle Rodeo Join us for our annual children’s bicycle rodeo held at the Chatham Public Library.  This fun event teaches...

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Child Safety Award Program

Child Safety Award Program The Chatham Police Department is proud to have partnered with McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Ice Deli, and Scoop Du Jour for...

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Cops N’ Cones

Cops N’ Cones The Chatham Police Department is proud to partner with Scoop Du Jour for this yearly children’s event held at their ice cream...

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Halloween Candy with Cops

Halloween Candy with Cops Join us on Halloween night for our annual Candy with a Cop event. Stop into the Chatham Police Department with the kids...

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Annual Food Drive

Annual Food Drive The Chatham Police Department sponsors an annual food drive held at County Market with donations and proceeds going directly to...

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GHS Drivers Ed Presentations

GHS Drivers Ed Presentations The Chatham Police Department has partnered with the Glenwood High School Drivers Education department to present a...

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GHS Government Class Presentations

GHS Government Class Presentations The Chatham Police Department partners with the Glenwood High School Government department to present a...

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Senior Safety Presentations

Senior Safety Presentations When requested, the Chatham Police Department puts on senior safety presentations at our local senior living centers. ...

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Coffee With a Cop

Coffee With a Cop This annual event brings our officers and the community we serve together in a relaxed setting – over coffee – to discuss...

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Elementary Kids Safety Program

Officer David Leach and Investigator Travis Schaal speak to the first and fourth grade students at all 3 elementary schools about safety, stranger...

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Hunter Safety Program

Hunter Safety Program The Chatham Police Department, along with a group of dedicated volunteers, works to host and instruct hunter education...

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Illinois BASSET Program

Illinois BASSET Program The BASSET Program is state mandated training for all sellers and/or servers of poured or packaged alcohol.  This training...

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Drug Take Back Program

We have a full time prescription drug drop box located in our lobby for anyone to use. Please feel free to bring in any of your old or expired...

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