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What to expect if you call the police.


NON-EMERGENCY (217) 483-2453

117 E. Mulberry St. Chatham, IL 62629 FAX: (217) 483-7153

Vacation House Watch

The Chatham Police Department will check your home while you are away.  Please be advised that this service is not a guarantee that your home will be safe from any type of crime or natural disaster.  An officer will check your home if time permits on his or her tour of duty.  If long term watches are requested (over 2 weeks) the home will be checked at least once a week.  Simply stop into the Chatham Police Department and complete a form, within 4-5 business days before your departure, if possible.  These forms can also be printed out and completed at home and then brought in or faxed to us (217)483-7153.  If you choose to fax this form in to us, make sure to call and confirm that we have received your submission.