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What to expect if you call the police.


NON-EMERGENCY (217) 483-2453

117 E. Mulberry St. Chatham, IL 62629 FAX: (217) 483-7153

Freedom of Information Act

Request for Examination or Copy of Records


The Chatham Police Department will respond to your request within five working days from the date submitted unless one or more of the reasons for an extension of the time provided in the Freedom of Information Act is invoked by the Chatham Police Department.  Also certain arrest records will be made available within three days as requested by the Act.

Schedule of Fees:

  1. The first 50 black and white copies are free and all pages over 50 are $0.15 per page.
  2. Color copies are $0.45 per page.
  3. Certify the document(s):  $1.00 per request.
  4. Traffic Crash Reports:  $5.00 each.
  5. Traffic Crash Reports where reconstruction is involved:  $20.00 each.
  6. Photo/Video CD’s (CD-R):  $1.00 each.
  7. Photo/Video DVD’s (DVD-R):  $1.40 each.